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Payment Gateway Policy

Payment options:

To place an order for any of our Products, you will need to complete your transaction on the Website. After you chose your required Products and add them in your shopping cart, you will need to proceed to the checkout section and then choose the payment mode. You can then make payment to us through any of the following modes of payments:

a) Credit Cards (Master Cards, Visa)
b) Debit Cards - Master Cards, Visa, Maestro, RuPay

While making online payment through Credit/Debit Card you will be required to submit your 16-digit credit card/debit card number, card expiry date, card CVV number(usually on the reverse of the card). For entering the password/PIN, you may be redirected to your bank's webpage. Once the payment transaction has been successfully completed, your order will be processed, on receipt of the funds from the Bank or Credit Card Company, as the case may be.

Security and Safety of your transactions:

Your Credit card and Debit card information is not stored by us. This information is taken directly by the payment gateway partner who is authorized and is compliant with the applicable regulations and requirements. Our payment gateway partners use secure encryption methods to keep your transactions private and confidential.

Failure in making payment:

In the event that your payment does not get processed, you should retry making the payment. The payment may have failed due to lack of stable internet connection or due to some error with the payment gateway's website. If your account gets debited in spite of payment failure, the payment will normally be initiated for refund within 2 business days by us.